Data extraction from using ScrapeStorm

If you want to scrape data,You need to download ScrapeStorm in advance.If that’s not the case, You can download it from

Step 1.Creating a new ScrapeStorm project

Open ScrapeStorm .Input a listing or table webpage, then click “Get Started”.

Step 2.Wait a few minutes, ScrapeStorm automatically extracts data from the list URL.You also can change and delete the extract data.


Step 3. Setting pagination mode

Since can be automatically identified, there is no need to change settings.

Step 4. Starting to extract

Click “Start”, then you can find that ScrapeStorm has extracted more data to you.

You can change “request waiting”in“running settings”

Step 5.Export now.

Click “Export” to download your data.

The CSV Data: