ScrapeStorm Tutorial:Extracting ASINs from Amazon

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is the 10 letters and numbers used to identify the item. You can find ASINs on’s product information page. For books, ASIN and ISBN numbers are the same, but for all other products, a new ASIN is created when the product is uploaded to our catalog. You can find the ASIN for a project on the product details page and more detailed information about the project.

Maybe you will be curious about the use of ASIN.The power of the ASIN lies in the fact that Amazon tries to identify and catalogue duplicate items, across sellers, under the same unique identifier: the ASIN. From a sellers point of view, this gives us two pieces of valuable information:

The first is that you can gauge how popular prospective products will be on Amazon. Say, for instance, that you have a certain juicer model that you might be able to sell on Amazon. Using a tool to convert UPC codes to ASIN, you can quickly see how well that exact product is doing on Amazon currently and how competitive your pricing will be. This, again, is possible because Amazon groups duplicate items under the same ASIN.

The ASIN also lets sellers know what products will work on marketplaces outside of Amazon. Since we know the rank of a given ASIN and we can convert from ASIN to UPC codes, sellers can learn which products have a likely chance of selling well on other platforms. In other words, scraping ASINs can form part of a buying strategy.