ScrapeStorm Tutorial:How to scrape ASINs and URLs from Amazon

Amazon uses the URL attribute (URL attribute) to record and analyze the customer’s search habits, frequency, number of times on the site, and the corresponding transaction rate of the keyword. Whether your product is ranked high on the A keyword or not, one of the most important reasons is the ratio of customers searching for A keywords, browsing to your product, and how long to pay for orders. If 10 customers search for fish tanks, 5 of which click “search” directly into my product, and pay for orders, Amazon will think that the customer is searching for a fish tank for my tank, not the other one. At the same time, Amazon will gradually place my fish tank in the fish tank search results page on the top of the page, because my tank has a higher transaction rate and better product, and can produce the same or higher for them in a shorter time. The turnover.

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