ScrapeStorm Tutorial : How to scrape required data when you need to search from Google

ScrapeStorm for Windows, MacOS and Linux Download:


Step 1.Creating a task.

Open ScrapeStorm, select “Advanced Mode”, click “Start”.

Input a listing url,like:, then click “Create”.


Step 2. Establish process

Click the search box, type what you want to search in the pop-up box, then click “OK”.

Click  “Google Search” and select “Click on this element”.

Click “Next” and then select “Click on this element” in the pop-up box.

Switch “Behavior” to “Flow”, drag a loop box to the process, then drag the previous click box to the loop box. Switch “URL list” to “Single element”.

Click on the target element.Select “Use the xpath of the element in the current loop”.

Select the element and click “Extract all elements” in the pop-up box. Another loop box will be formed.Add the required fields.Drag the second loop box to the first.



Step 3.

Starting to extract and then click “Export” to download your data.

After the extraction is completed, you can export the data to a local file (including excel, html, csv, etc.) and a database.

The following image is a screenshot of the file exported to excel2007:

If you are still confused about the process, please watch the tutorial video as below: